Perspectives in IT: from PC application development to game design

The IT field is growing and developing. It is a highly profitable professional field. But only some people know what specialty in the university they should choose to get an exciting and promising profession that will bring them both pleasure and good pay. There are a lot of options.

This is why you should learn about some of the most sought-after professions in IT. They differ in several factors, such as working conditions, development directions, etc. However, there is what unites them. You can find a job quickly if you get into such a profession.


Mobile application development

Gartner estimates that in the next ten years, the world will need mobile software developers in large numbers. Today, the shortage of employees is so significant that many companies are willing to accept even those who can create apps for PC but not for smartphones. Thus, IT firms are eager to spend time, effort, and money on their retraining.

In 2023, the mobile development market will show strong growth. The fact is that professionals should do an excellent job of transferring Internet services to the mobile field. Each microservice within one large one requires a long-term work team of mobile developers.


Since the world creates many programs for different devices every day, specialists are in demand to check how well these systems work. If you open public access to poorly tested software for the CH341A, which helps to correct video cards and motherboards, we are afraid to imagine what will happen. But we can give another example. For example, someone a Remowe Wat download that will activate Windows. Further, this program has caused the loss of essential files to your operating system or created a vulnerability to viruses.

CH341A Software
CH341A software

You must have realized that the consequences of such an event could be severe. Accordingly, the developers of such a program will have to pay for the release of poor-quality software. To prevent this from happening, IT companies have a large staff of testers. This is a profession that is easy to learn. Once you know all the intricacies of working as a tester, you can master the next professional step, such as a web programmer or a mobile software developer.

Front-end developers

Studies conducted by Zippia show that front-end professionals’ wages will increase by 13-15% by 2028 compared to 2022. This indicates that the demand for specialists will increase yearly, which can ensure the site’s functionality and improve the convenience of interaction with it. You need to understand that the proportion of landing parties will decrease. Today, some companies are content with having a tiny website, but that will change soon.

DevOps engineers

Each large company contains a large group of IT specialists today. For them to work as efficiently as possible, spend resources optimally, and perform individual development processes quickly, employers hire DevOps specialists.

The work of such engineers provides companies with some advantages. Among them is superiority over competitors. Because they can perform tasks more quickly, achieving a high level of efficiency for individual teams. In 2022, the number of vacancies for DevOps professionals will increase by 75%.

Some more unique and popular IT specialties will be helpful in 2023:

  1. Game developers — such specialists not only create games but also introduce gamification in existing Internet services that sell goods and provide exceptional services.
  2. ML Engineers (Machine Learning) that work with artificial intelligence.
  3. Python developers that work with data sets.
  4. Blockchain developers.

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