How IT professionals make anonymous BTC transactions through mixers

Blockchain technology helps IT professionals create computer networks that are transparent, decentralized, and anonymous. However, the last feature proved untenable, as it was supposed to be. While Bitcoins transactions within its blockchain are unknown, it would be logical for you to assume that transactions do not contain any personal data.

All of this made Bitcoin sound like an anonymous coin, and that’s correct. On the other hand, there is one issue that most users ignore. To get Bitcoins, you must buy BTC by spending real money if you’re not mining.

This means you must take advantage of unique platforms such as banks, exchangers, and electronic wallets that will force you to verify your identity through unique processes. Accordingly, fraudsters can easily connect a particular user with their BTC address. There’s only one explanation for this, one lack of anonymity.

To prevent this and continue to stay in the shadows, modern IT professionals have developed simple but effective Bitcoin mixers such as Their development completely solved the issue of the anonymity of the leading cryptocurrency.

The essence of Bitcoin mixers

BTC mixers are particular applications and Internet platforms that help hide marks of digital money. This is an essential tool because the blockchain network of BTC is entirely transparent. This means that any user can track their cash balance, which knows the address of their crypto wallet and the accrual of money and expenses.

This is done by obtaining accurate information about the recipient and sender of the capital. It would be unpleasant for any user and sometimes even dangerous. The thing is, you can never be sure who can get this information. Maybe a tax office will ask you where you got the money and why you didn’t pay the tax for it.


Also, it can be expected for scammers can visit a large amount of Bitcoins owner when he is not expecting it. There are a lot of such examples. So, a newspaper will want to be able to pay informants to keep their anonymity. Also, the famous person will want to make a charitable contribution and remain anonymous.

In such situations, Bitcoin mixers come to the rescue. Using them will help you make any tracking of your transactions impossible. That money is divided into parts that go into the mixer and are distributed through other Bitcoin wallets. As a result, they end up in the place the user needs.

How Bitcoin mixers work

Once you start using these mixers, you will immediately be completely anonymous. Now, you can be sure that your online activities will only become easily visible to some of those users who want to track your BTC transactions in the blockchain.

And this means that you can safely buy any goods, practice various ways of earning and pay for services with the help of cryptocurrencies without worrying about anything. Since the work of the mixer:

  • practically excludes tracking transactions in the format of the sender and recipient pair;
  • protects your personal information;
  • eliminates the possibility of various intruders seizing assets.

As for the principle of work, «mixer» as a name perfectly demonstrates the essence of work on similar platforms. Since they mix, coming to them means traces are lost. Now, no outsider will understand where the money was sent from that or where it came from.

Typically, this mixer uses multi-transactions, dividing the total transfer amount into many small transactions. It also uses a deferred payment feature to make tracking transfers difficult for intruders.

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