Girls in Uzbekistan will be able to receive a prize for their success in the IT sphere

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has recently introduced amendments to awarding the prestigious state honor, the Zulfiya Prize, through a decree. The Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan has officially confirmed this significant development, highlighting the government’s commitment to promoting gender equality and recognizing the outstanding achievements of women.


It is worth noting that the Zulfiya Prize has traditionally been bestowed upon gifted women between the ages of 14 and 30 who have excelled in various fields such as education, science, literature, culture, art, sports, and social activities. This esteemed award has served as a platform to honor and showcase young women’s exceptional talents and contributions in Uzbekistan.

Under the revised regulations, women and girls who have achieved remarkable accomplishments in information technology will now also be eligible for this esteemed award. This expansion of the criteria reflects the growing recognition of the significance of women’s contributions to the rapidly evolving world of technology. Including information technology as a category for the Zulfiya Prize ensures that women who have made significant strides in this field are duly recognized and celebrated.

The awarding commission will be established under the Committee for Family and Women’s Affairs to ensure a fair and thorough selection process. This commission will operate voluntarily. It will be led by the Deputy Prime Minister, who also serves as the Committee for Family and Women’s Affairs Chairman. The involvement of high-ranking officials in the selection process ensures transparency and accountability in evaluating and selecting deserving candidates.

commission meeting
Commission meeting

To be considered for the Zulfiya Prize, applicants must submit comprehensive documents highlighting their outstanding achievements and exemplary contributions in education, science, literature, culture, art, sports, information technology, and public activities over the past three years.

The revised regulations have extended the requirement from two years to three, allowing for a more comprehensive evaluation of the candidates’ sustained excellence. This change ensures that candidates who have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and contributions over a longer period are given due recognition.

These amendments to the awarding process reflect Uzbekistan’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of women across various fields. By expanding the scope of the Zulfiya Prize, the nation aims to encourage and inspire more women and girls to pursue excellence and make significant contributions to their respective domains. It is a testament to the country’s dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers women and promotes their achievements.

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